Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hello hello!

I have a new idea! (PS of course I havent finished my brave song yet - its a sickness to get bored half way through) My new idea stems from a short little story my grandma was telling me about the other day, recalling on the days when she was dating my grandpa.
She says that back in high school when she was first dating my grandfather Dave, they used to skip class together all the time to go get into trouble of some sort or another. She mentioned that one thing they used to do often was to drive his fixed up car down the side of the canal in Lethbridge. Though while she would be driving, she would also be towing my grandfather down the river on waterskis! The rope would be attached to the back of the car and they would do this on repeat for fun while the days were hot and they had to be creative for entertainment. I almost died when I heard this. How come i never got into crazy trouble like this when I was in high school? Completely hilarious.
My idea then is to be able to create a song where I can capture a moment like this in time. Perhaps have the music match that age when she would do this. I envision creating a video with this exact scene that has the retro feel that it needs to bring this picture to life.
I have no idea how I will be able to bring this about but I plan on gathering more information about their young lives together to gain inspiration.
For now I will have to leave you with just this, as this is the only thing I have to go on.

If you have any ideas please let me know!

<3 Girl Calgary

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lana - Born To Die

I know this is old news but you really can't get more glamorous that this. I think Lana Del Rey is perfection. Everything about this song and video just screams inspiration for me! The dramatic setting and all the intricate details are delicious. Loving this right now,on repeat.
Hope you enjoy too.

Be Brave


Brave Inspo 2

Hello Again,

I am back with more "brave" inspiration. I was thinking that this might be weird to put all of my ideas onto a blog like this. But then I thought, well who doesn't love to get a little kick up sometimes that can maybe spark their own inspiration?
So here it is:

My thoughts on Brave are to show faces, maybe my face, up close and intimate. I don't want it to be glamorous; more comfy than anything. I invision simple clothes and simple people in dramatic settings. One in particular that I have in mind is in the middle of the street when it is pouring rain outisde (I personally love the rain). There will be just simple clothes and the embiance of the music to to pull the effect together. I think rain is thought of as a challenge or a battle and that will pull most of what I am trying to get at into perspective.
This is just one thought though. I also want a shot by a window. Preferably a white room with a white window... I want there to be contrast between each shot and an intimate inside setting would be good for juxtaposition against most of the ideas I have in mind.
I also think ballet when I think strength and though I have no idea how I would incorporate that, I still find inspiration from ballerinas.
I just love the up close of faces! I want faces and different shots of faces, most of them in a very natural or neutral setting that can bring this song right into the personal.

The ideas i have behind this song are to have piano (obviously... since thats my instrument), and strings because I love strings, but also a beat in the background that can give the song the urgency that it needs.  I am a pop writer. BUT! Not really radio pop. I also love classical music. Which is why I would have strings in the background and have enough emotion to carry my personality across. Like a classical music song that gets remixed with an awesome beat and creates this flavour and mood that is divine! Don't get me wrong though, who knows if I can actually make this happen but when I get some of it recorded, I will let you guys listen and see what you think ;).

Here are some pictures that I think relate:

Again, all of these pictures are from my Pinterest board and can be properly referenced from there. :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Brave Inspiration

Hello World!

My name is Maegan Ashley and I am an artist. The art I create varies from writing music, making my own clothes, compiling ideas for various set ideas I have, portraits done with charcoal, and general creation at its greatest!
Right now my focus has been on writing music. I have been working on a song about being brave and finding the inspiration to be. Personally I suffer from this problem of loving what I create right in the moment, to coming back to it the next day and hating it. It's a sickness really... I push myself down and think, "this is the stupidest idea ever." And you know what? Sometimes it may be! But I have come to a conclusion recently, and this is it: You are either a dreamer or a doer. My whole family and I are dreamers. We talk big about everything and are always throwing around these crazy ideas with the main theme, "Wouldn't this be great?" But, my new thoughts are, why can't it be? I have decided that I am a doer and therefor, in search of a finished project I will put in as much effort and inspiration as possible to actually finish something that I start. Not be afraid of myself, or the outcome. Follow through even if I decide I hate it, and learn to love what I can create because it came from me. I will learn to want my dream more than I am afraid of it, and because of that, I know it will come true.
So here it is. My visual inspirations for the song "Brave" that I will try to portray through my writing, or perhaps a music video of my own doing ;). Enjoy!

These pictures came from my Pinterest page and can be properly referenced from there. :)