Thursday, 15 November 2012

Brave Inspiration

Hello World!

My name is Maegan Ashley and I am an artist. The art I create varies from writing music, making my own clothes, compiling ideas for various set ideas I have, portraits done with charcoal, and general creation at its greatest!
Right now my focus has been on writing music. I have been working on a song about being brave and finding the inspiration to be. Personally I suffer from this problem of loving what I create right in the moment, to coming back to it the next day and hating it. It's a sickness really... I push myself down and think, "this is the stupidest idea ever." And you know what? Sometimes it may be! But I have come to a conclusion recently, and this is it: You are either a dreamer or a doer. My whole family and I are dreamers. We talk big about everything and are always throwing around these crazy ideas with the main theme, "Wouldn't this be great?" But, my new thoughts are, why can't it be? I have decided that I am a doer and therefor, in search of a finished project I will put in as much effort and inspiration as possible to actually finish something that I start. Not be afraid of myself, or the outcome. Follow through even if I decide I hate it, and learn to love what I can create because it came from me. I will learn to want my dream more than I am afraid of it, and because of that, I know it will come true.
So here it is. My visual inspirations for the song "Brave" that I will try to portray through my writing, or perhaps a music video of my own doing ;). Enjoy!

These pictures came from my Pinterest page and can be properly referenced from there. :)

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